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NFF StorylineEdit

Naruto Final Fight has an interactive storyline, thus the players were creating the story for NFF up until the last pwipe(player wipe). The story of NFF has over 200 years of content, starting off from 20 years after the end of an alternate timeline of the NFF series.

Shikamaru was made the 6th Hokage after the war resulting in the death of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. As the new leader of Leaf, Shikamaru was thus forced to make all decisions for the village. Soon, Cloud Village attacked Leaf performing a chain cycle that commenced a great war that every village was thrown into, causing not only the death of the new 6th Hokage but also for Hidden Leaf and many other villages. The survivors of these villages went off as the wars slowly began to cease and recreated their village. With the villages losing great establish powers every ninja village began to use the name: "Kage" as their leader without there being any 5 great nations. The villages built in different locations, the daimyou slowly losing not only their funds but now being forced to rely on Samurai to perform missions and improve the economy as Ninja were in another part of the world. It took a while but soon villages were integrated again back into the system and it continued the line of Ninja Will Fire trying to form peace...

The story of NFF continues from there...

-Taken from Kaio.

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